Q as in qualities

Q as in qualities

A Nordic delight

It was in 1987 that the Norwegian company Graminor A.S and more particularly the passionate Stein Harald, decided to naturaly interbreed a Williams pear and a Broket July. The two varieties gave a crunchy blushing beauty named Celina, QTee®.

Health benefits

  • Boosts immune system
  • Treats eczema & dermatitis
  • Speeds up wound healing process
  • Improves digestion & intestinal heath
  • Helps to prevent cancer & cardiovascular diseases
  • Improves blood circulation and red blood cell count

Caution : May cause allergic reactions


QTee® is also a great ingredient to be used in the kitchen. Recipes coming soon!

The sun gives it that blush on the skin and its sweet taste.


Every year, new trees of QTee® are planted over differents regions of the world.  In a couple of years, QTee® pears local fruits will be available in your neigbourhood store.

  • BelgiumAugust 2015
  • SlovakiaAugust 2016
  • NorwayAugust 2016
  • Switzerland August 2017
  • South AfricaJanuary 2018
  • SpainAugust 2018
  • FranceAugust 2019
  • MoroccoTo come
  • AustriaTo come
  • ItalyTo come
  • AustraliaTo come