Find your way to eat your QTee®

QTee® is crunchy of the tree and evolves to melting after a few days of shelf life. If you like your pear melted and juicy, you should wait for a couple days until its background slightly starts turning yellow. On the other hand, if you prefer eating your pear crunchy, then you should store it in the refrigerator and the pear will stay greenish and hard.

Clearly, you can adapt your way to consume your QTee® at your own conveniance.

QTee® for children : The more fruits and vegetables your children eat, the stronger they will grow. The fiber, and Vitamin C contained in QTee®, will help them build strong muscles, bones and teeth. For a crunchy snack, QTee® can be a good healthy base and will be parent friendly as the kids won’t get it all over their clothes.